Thursday, 20 June 2013

Science Olympiad Foundation

The Science Olympiad Foundation, a non-profit organisation working to popularise computer, science, mathematics and English education among school children, has announced the schedule for its upcoming events.

1.         16th National Science Olympiad - November 15 and 28
2.         National Cyber Olympiad - September 19 and October 4 and 7
3.         International Mathematics Olympiad - December 5 and 19
4.        Second International English Olympiad - January 16 and 30, 2014

All students from Class I to XII can take part in these tournaments.

Prizes worth a total of Rs. 8 crore would be awarded to the school, state and international toppers.

Schools interest in taking part in the event could contact the SOF coordinator T. Kanchana, mobile no: 98403 21700.

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